ღ¸¸. ❤❤ (。◕〝◕)(◕‿◕✿) ♡.

ღ¸¸. I, Me & Myself .。.ღ*

Gossip Girl .。.ღ*

Ed Westwick as Chuck: Well. What do we have here? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Chuck ..

Stella Meave as Emma: .. Bass. O My God. I read about you on Gossip Girl. You’re .. you’re like the devil.

Chuck: Finally some truth in advertising. Head it out somewhere?

Emma: Serena, Blair and I are going to the gala. Hope you’re coming ..

Chuck: .. Well, I’m all for company on a saturday night, but the thing I like that age .. is my Scotch.

Emma: What?! It’s old people?! Blair told me it was all hot guys!

Chuck: It sounds to me you’d been taking for a ride.

Emma: Well. How about you take me for a ride instead.

Chuck: Looks like you’ve just hooked yourself a Bass.

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